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Are you tired of being overwhelmed, exhausted and burned-out?

If you're over being exhausted, stressed out and overwhelmed, let's fix it. Let me help you get more done without wasting precious time so you can make time for the things and people you love.


Less time worrying, more time doing the

things you love

Helping Busy Women Make Time For The Things They Love

It's about time.

Hey there!

I'm Lynn

Your Personal Time Maximer.

Once upon a time, I landed my dream job in Big Law. Where you bill a million hours, have the partnership track, travel and make it. And then I found myself pregnant with my daughter… after two weeks on the job.


I was not about to let the most joyous news take me down!


I decided right then and there that doing both and doing them both well was possible. I learned to manage motherhood, marriage, deadlines, billable hour requirements and all the other things that bring me joy in one of the most demanding professions.  


I learned to create order out of chaos. Chaos of work, motherhood, navigating changes in friendships and priorities.


Now, I bring the best of my time management and productivity know-how to ambitious, busy professionals, business owners… women like YOU so you can break free from the overwhelm and wake up every day feeling calm, prepared and ready for anything! So you have time for all the things you love.

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Kind Words

"Lynn holds your hand and takes you step by step through her own system; one that he has distilled from everything she has tried and learned and culled into sometime she calls her own."


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