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Inspiring Speaker

I am a lawyer, time management expert, and mom.  I speak from a place of knowing. My teaching reflects what I have learned from my childhood trauma, leadership experiences and from developing my own system to be a productive lawyer at work and an amazing wife and mother at home.

I blend creative ideas, real-world experiences, and practical solutions to ensure your next program is motivating, informative, and fun!

I want your audience to walk away from my presentations with both applicable takeaways and the motivation to implement them.

Topics: This Too Shall Pass

In her signature story, Lynn describes growing up in an unstable home as the daughter of a convicted felon and the personal journey she took to find her way in a world that was against her from the start. In this talk, Lynn discusses what she learned about how we survive the unbearable, how we move from denial to anger and then to acceptance, and how we keep pushing forward even when it seems impossible to stand. She will share her "rules" and practices that have allowed her to succeed in every chapter of her life and learn how to believe that this too shall pass.

The Myth of Work, Life, Balance: Tactical Tips for Changing your Perspective and Getting Stuff Done 

Discover how to manage yourself, your energy and your time effectively – and, in doing so create high performance habits that last and maximize productivity at work and home.

Master the foundations of personal effectiveness by learning how the mind, body and time management skills can impact performance.

Apply the lesson content to create a highly effective schedule for your next week of work and play.

You will learn about the following:

  • Develop a personal strategic plan to guide your work.

  • Developing a Productive Mindset

  • Managing Your Energy

  • Mastering Your Focus

  • Prioritizing Your Work

  • Scheduling Your Week

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