How to Have Your Most Productive Week

Task & Time Management

Do you often think “If I can just get through this week, I’ll be okay,” and the next week you feel just as out of control? In our current work climate, there just isn’t enough time to get your important work done.  This is where time management skills and strategies come in. With proper support you CAN increase your productivity.

I will teach you how to:

  • Customize productivity tools to maximize your strengths

  • Prioritize your tasks so you work with less stress

  • Simplify your routines so you can focus on the work that counts

  • Streamline your work space to increase your productivity

  • Leverage your technology to enhance your work


Goal & Priority Setting

Saying “NO” is the most powerful productivity tool ever. However, it’s not so simple. The Myers Briggs Foundation estimates that 46% of the US population are Perceivers (last letter – P or J). Perceivers inherently like to keep their options open, and it goes against their nature to say “no.”  What are you supposed to do? Getting clear on goals and priorities helps. 

I will show you how to:

  • Develop a personal strategic plan to guide your work.

  • Clarify what’s important and set your goals accordingly.

  • Set priorities to support your goals and drive results.

  • Engage in a weekly focus session to keep you on target.

  • Help you to help those you work with develop goals and priorities.

  • Set up a system for managing ongoing priorities

Creating & Leading Productive Teams

You can be productive and not be a leader; however, you can’t be a leader without being productive. Often, in fact, a leader’s success directly correlates to how productive his/her team is. Improving team success, however, is mostly about creating a culture of motivation.

I will:

  • Share and work with you to apply leadership techniques

  • Help you to enhance top performance via understanding and development of motivational skills and techniques

  • Work with you to create a culture of collaboration

  • Provide a framework to assess your current teams to ensure they are set up for success


How to Have Your Most Productive Week

Discover how to manage yourself, your energy and your time effectively – and, in doing so create high performance habits that last and maximize productivity at work and home.

Master the foundations of personal effectiveness by learning how the mind, body and time management skills can impact performance.

Apply the lesson content to create a highly effective schedule for your next week of work and play.

You will learn about the following:

  • Develop a personal strategic plan to guide your work.

  • Developing a Productive Mindset

  • Managing Your Energy

  • Mastering Your Focus

  • Prioritizing Your Work

  • Scheduling Your Week


Does it seem like there are never enough hours in the day?

Do you find yourself rushing from task to task and place to place, but feel like you aren’t getting anything done?

Do you consistently sacrifice self-care or fun with family and friends because of all the other demands on your time?

If you answered yes, then  a time management consultation with Lynn is exactly what you need!

Each time management consult begins with an in-depth analysis of your unique life situation, challenges, and personality. From there, Lynn will design a plan to help you spend less time spinning your wheels and more time working on your priorities.
Each Time Management Consult Session Gives You


Solutions to:

  • Improve focus

  • Set priorities and goals

  • Fight procrastination

  • Reduce redundancies

  • Create efficiencies

  • Delegate

  • Manage clutter