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5 Motivation Mistakes You Could Be Making Right Now

In order to reach your goals, motivation is crucial. However, finding the motivation to press on and achieve these goals can prove extremely challenging.

On your quest to find motivation, you could end up making all kinds of mistakes. Here, you’ll discover just 5 motivation mistakes you could be making right now.

1.) You’ve Set Unrealistic Goals

Nothing kills motivation quite like unrealistic goals. You see, if your goals are unrealistic, you’re not going to be able to achieve them. You won’t even see any real progression towards getting where you want to be.

If you don’t see positive changes, you’re not going to be able to maintain motivation. Smaller, more realistic goals will help you to boost your motivation, helping you stay on track.

2.) Not Celebrating Your Accomplishments

While it’s good to have goals to work towards, it’s also important to celebrate when you achieve them.

Many people get into the mindset where as soon as they achieve something, they automatically move on to the next thing. However, when you do that you’re not really recognizing or celebrating how far you’ve come.

Recognition of your achievements really helps to keep your motivation going.

3.) You Let The Past Hold You Back

Our past is important, but it shouldn’t be so important that it holds you back from the present. If you find yourself constantly stuck in the past, you’re going to find it hard to motivate yourself for the future.

By all means, let your past be a motivator to achieve more, but don’t let it hold you back. Take chances, even if something hasn’t worked out in the past.

Whenever you feel your past attacking your motivation, remind yourself that you’re not in the past anymore. This is your present and your future and the past has no power over either of them.

4.) You Wait for Motivation

Motivation isn’t going to magically just come to you. While you will reach points in your life which will motivate you to make a change, largely you need to actively work on it.

Identify what it is that motivates you and then do it. A large part of motivation is discipline. So, be strict with yourself in the times you feel your motivation starting to reduce.

5.) You Procrastinate