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Back to School Organizational Must Haves

It's that time of year and whether you are excited to have the normal routine back or you are crying your eyes out that your babies are growing up, having a system in place to keep everyone organized and on-track is the key to a successful and less stressful school year!

  • This will not be anything new or novel, but having clothes set out the night before is a major time-saving thing. Even though E wears a uniform, we still set it out the night before, including socks and hair accessories.

  • Lunches. If possible, pack lunches the night before and leave in the fridge. If not, allow your kiddo to pack their own lunch within guidelines. E knows that she has to choose from items on her shelf in the fridge and pantry. And, if she forgets her lunch, its her fault.

  • Backpack. Make sure you have a designated space for backpacks. The rule in our house is you unpack your backpack when you walk in the door and set it in the designated spot. This mean you get out any homework, notes, etc... so they are visible for mom/dad, sitter to see. And, if you forget, bear the consequences.

  • Routine Checklist. E is notorious for forgetting to brush her teeth or get socks, etc... I invested in a checklist for this year.

Must Haves

To ensure a smooth transition from lazy summer days to busy school routines, having the right organizational tools in place is essential. Whether you're a student, a parent, or an educator, these top organizational must-haves will help you kickstart the school year on the right foot.

  • Backpack with Compartments: A backpack with multiple compartments is a lifesaver for students of all ages. Separate sections for books, stationery, gadgets, and snacks keep everything organized and easily accessible. E uses a Pottery Barn backpack, but just choose one that is durable and has room!

  • Planner or Calendar: A physical planner or digital calendar is a fantastic way to keep track of assignments, extracurricular activities, and important dates. Stay ahead of deadlines and make sure nothing falls through the cracks. Ya'll know I live and die by my paper planner. But I also live and die by the Google family calendar and our fridge calendar. The fridge calendar has our month and has ALL the things!

  • Desk Organizers: A clutter-free workspace enhances productivity. Invest in desk organizers for storing pens, pencils, notebooks, and other essentials. With everything in its place, studying becomes more focused and efficient. Everything has a place and everything in its place! I love a lazy susan for organizing writing utensils for E.

  • File Folders and Binders: Keep class notes, handouts, and assignments neatly organized using file folders and binders. Label them by subject or date to quickly locate materials when needed.

  • Wall Whiteboard or Corkboard: Hang a wall whiteboard or corkboard to jot down reminders, to-do lists, and important dates. This visual aid will help you stay on top of your tasks and commitments.

  • Cable Organizers: With gadgets being an integral part of education, cable organizers are essential for keeping charging cables tangle-free and devices powered up. I also love this device organizer that comes with cord organizers.

  • Lunchbox with Compartments: For students and working professionals alike, a lunchbox with compartments makes it easy to pack a balanced meal without the hassle of multiple containers.

  • Drawer Dividers: Organize your clothes and school supplies by using drawer dividers. They maximize drawer space and make finding items a breeze.

  • Backpack Hooks or Hangers: Designate a spot near the door for hanging backpacks, ensuring that they're always ready to grab and go in the morning.

  • Color-Coded Supplies: Assign colors to different subjects or tasks. This method not only makes it easier to identify materials but also adds a fun and creative touch to your organizational system.

  • Digital Note-Taking Apps: For those who prefer going paperless, digital note-taking apps can help organize class notes, create to-do lists, and sync across devices.

Remember, effective organization not only saves time and reduces stress but also sets the stage for a successful school year. Whether you're embarking on a new academic journey or supporting someone who is, these organizational must-haves are sure to make the back-to-school season a breeze. Get ready to tackle challenges and achieve goals with a clutter-free and organized mindset!


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