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How Planning Helps You Reach Your Goals

Did you set some goals, resolutions, intentions? Vow to be more organized? But not sure where to start? We have all been there.

But all too often, we set goals without a plan in place.

As Benjamin Franklin once said, "If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail."

Planning is the path to get where you are going. It's the roadmap to helping you stay organized and on track.

How Planning Helps You Achieve Your Goals

1. Planning Gives You Direction

The biggest benefit to setting goals is knowing where you want to go in life! The process of setting your goals and the actions you n

eed to take to get can give you a sense of direction. When you know your why, you stay motivated and on track!

2. Planning Helps You Remember

Planning on paper gives us an advantage!

According to Science Daily, "writing on physical paper can lead to more brain activity when remembering the information."

For example, schedule a weekly brain dump planning session to write down every single mundane task you need to get done (or think you need to get done) and the actions you'll take in the upcoming week to bring you closer to achieving them! Then, put them in your planner!

3. Planning Builds Your Confidence

Understanding your goals and purpose within the time constraints of your life can boost your self-confidence. How? While your goals and purpose are bound to change from time to time, simply knowing what they are

– at least for the time being – increases your happiness and sense of inner peace. Because when you feel more focused, you'll manage your time better, and you'll be more organized! Can't beat all of that, right?

4. Planning Reduces Stress (and Anxiety)

I am all about boosting productivity and getting more done. But it's important to note that the goal isn't to be productive around the clock. By getting more done in less time, the goal is to create space for what's most important, i.e., your priorities – including self-care, downtime, relationships, favorite activities, spending time outside, exercising, traveling, and more!

Plus, having a plan reduces anxiety because you feel a sense of control over what's to come! The act of planning in itself is calming,