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Summer (pool bag) Must Haves

Ready or not, summer vacation is here. E had her last day of school and that means lots of pool time for us.

Whether we are swimming at home, headed to a friend's house or (eventually) the beach my pool bag (and home pool basket) is stocked with some essentials.


E tans really well, but after years of sun damage we are pretty stout sunscreen latherers. Hours in the sun whether at the pool or soccer field requires it.

  • Sun Bums facial stick - Easy to apply, throw in the purse, pool bag or soccer bag

  • Coppertone sports spray - withstands sweat and water, easy to spray on

  • Colorscience tinted moisturizer - This is my go-to summer foundation. 50 spf, lightweight. I carry it in my purse for easy re-application and it has amazing coverage. It adapts to your skin tone and I like it better than the Elta MD everyone raves about.


We go through tons of goggles each summer, but E has two tried and true that she loves. She loves her snorkle goggles when she is diving or toys and regular ones for just all the swimming. Protect her eyes from chlorine and well she just likes to see.


Oh if only I had worn a hat more in my youth, my face wouldn't look so, well old. Now, I am not caught dead without some sort of hat on my head! Whether baseball cap or what I refer to as my old lady sunhat, one is always covering my head and face.

  • Athleta - love this one because its lightweight and covers my neck.

  • J Crew packable hat - cute, folds up and fits in my bag, purse and luggage

  • Lululemon visor - sometimes a visor just works better and I just love this one.

Other essentials

Of course, there are the miscellaneous items.

  • Water bottle - I love the ones from Simple Modern for both E and me.