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Ten Ways to Simplify Your Week

Hi Friends!

I admit I often feel out of control

when the weeks get busy. And let's be honest, the end of the school year is just hectic! Between dinner, twirl and soccer practices and weeknight obligations, end of year parties and performances...everything piles up.

But, I try to find ways to simplify my

week so I feel less overwhelmed. I hope some of these might help feel a little less stressed as you go about your week!

Ten Ways to Simplify Your Week:

  1. Write all your tasks down daily. I prefer paper calendar, but digital list will do. I focus on 3-4 tasks I know I can accomplish each day. Cross them off as you finish each item!

  2. Declutter your physical living space for a

clearer headspace. It can be as simple as wiping down the counters each day, picking up all the random things and putting them into a catchall basket. Starting the day without the clutter sets me up for success.

  1. On Monday, set tangible goals to achieve by Friday.

  2. Write down the worries you cannot control! Often the worries are to-do tasks so brain dump them and then schedule when to do them.