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What are we called to do?

She rises while it is yet night and gets food for her household - Proverbs 31:15

Don’t bail on this post now. I get it, this verse seems, well rather presumptuous, heavy and antiquated. But read it this way: she rises before daylight to spend time with God and prepare for her day. If you can get past the seemingly heavy and antiquated language, you see that the Proverbs 31 woman has a plan.

She rises early to feed her spiritual soul so she can in turn pour into her family. She “assigns her maids,” now we all know this means we wake up and start making out to-do list (no maids other than mom here). But this verse is so important because it shows that God wants you to have a plan for the day. He does not want you going about Willy-Nilly hoping you will accomplish something. If you have no plan, you inevitably will end the day frustrated and unfulfilled. Be disciplined with your plan and take charge of YOUR life. Manage it, don’t let it manage you.

I know so many women wonder and ask how does she do it all? And my answer is always, I don’t. No woman is capable of being super woman. We cannot do all the things, be all things to all people and accomplish it all. Quite frankly, its not what we are called to do. We are called to do those things that satisfy and fulfill our purpose here on Earth. And guess what? That purpose will change over time.

But what never changes is that a plan helps you execute your purpose. It does not have to be the perfectly color-coded daily task list often seen on this here page. It can simply be a to-do list scribbled on a post it note or in your phone (though we all know I prefer it written on paper). Just have a plan! Know what tasks will get accomplished for the day or simply started each day. Have a plan for how you will spend your precious 24 hours each day and use them wisely.

Women, we are not called to be super woman, we are called to be super women.

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