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There has to be a way to get it all done and still have time for the things and people I love! - Me at 32, new mom and full-time lawyer.

On the outside, I looked like I had it together. But on the inside, I was miserable, struggling and was never present anywhere. 

After looking for the holy grail of work/life balance, I decided to create my own system that worked – and I kept practicing law, kept my daughter alive, taught dance and baton twirling, was active in Junior League and felt content.


And, guess what? Other women wondered how I do it. And now, I teach them!


Here's the down and dirty:

By trading in old to-do lists, etc. for a time management system designed for professional working women and busy moms, you can be more on top of it all with less stress, know when to say no to things that do not fit your priorities (with confidence), and take breaks – and actually enjoy them.

It's life-changing. Let me show you how – in a step-by-step, realistic way.

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Put in the work over four weeks to learn this time management system designed for working women, business owners and busy mom and feel the benefits for years to come.

Let's reduce your stress, tackle overwhelm and help you make time for the things and people you love.


At the end you will...

  • Have control over your work hours, kids' activities and free time

  • Be present where your feet are! Enjoy, friends, family (alone time) without feeling guilty

  • Know how to plan and schedule your life  to get it all done without the stress

  • Have confidence to say no to new project

  • Finally accomplish what needs to get done without last minute stress.

Two easy ways to get started!

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